Fed up of ugly rubber straps? Turn your Fitbit into a fashion accessory

Griffin bands also work with Misfit, Garmin and Jawbone fitness trackers

Fitness trackers tend to be ugly things, just take a gander atour list of favourites. They're definitely form-follows-function devices.

Thankfully though, Griffin, purveyor of high-quality cases, is here to help. The company has just unveiled two new wristbands to fashion-up your wearable.

First off, we have the Uptown Band (pictured above), which is only compatible with the Fitbit Flex. It's a simple leather wrap-around band with metal studs, it comes in toffee or black, and we think it looks rather fetching.

It features a pocket, which securely and discretely hides the Fitbit tracker.

Next we have the flexible Ribbon Wristband. This accessory is compatible with most top-selling fitness trackers, including ones from Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin and Jawbone.

The translucentspandex pocket still provides easy access to the device's display and buttons, and comes with two colour options.

We're pretty cynical about most things, but theses seem like a good idea, any chance to customise or hide fitness trackers is okay with us.