Fan boys are already hating on Apple’s first ever Android app

So. Much. Burn.

Apple has released its first ever app on the Google Play Store, and it allows you to switch over to iOS with ease. Predictably, the Android fan boys are out in force bringing the review score down and enacting many #SickBurns.

That first ever Android app from Apple is called “Move to iOS” and it's no surprise the app is only there to help you ditch Android and transition to the soft embrace of Apple's iOS.

It'll take all your contacts, message history, photos, video, web bookmarks, mail accounts and calendars and throw it over to an iPhone.

It's a simple way to switch between the platforms and it is a shame - but not exactly a surprise - Apple hasn't allowed a similar app into the App Store. We can only hope one day it'll let one in, anything to make the switching process easier is appreciated.

Fan force

But right now the Android fan boys are out in full force and even though the app has only been out for a day it's already down to 1.9 out of five stars in the Google Play Store.

At the time of writing, there were 706 five star reviews to 2,736 one star reviews. There were a couple of middling ones in there as well but nothing anywhere near these two numbers.

So let's take a look at a few of those intelligent takes...

Jet doesn't really mean it's a time travel app... see, he's done a funny.

But it didn't make your Android phone explode did it Nate? And if it did, we think you've got bigger concerns than writing about it on the Google Play Store. Like, going to hospital.

We'll give it to Michael here - it is ridiculous the iPhone has only just got NFC and where is our wireless charging Apple?!

See this iSheep pun, it's because everyone who buys an iPhone is a sheep... as they follow the crowd. Do you see? DO YOU SEE?

Well, yeah. Anything to make the switch easier Ray.

And the award for funniest response goes to Irinel... poor BlackBerry.

Whilst we were writing there was hope for the app though – the review score went up from 1.8 to 1.9. Maybe in a few days it'll flat line and the app will get a reasonable score, but it's unlikely with comments like these coming in thick and fast.