Amazon's latest sci-fi debut has broken viewing records already

Are you one of the millions to tune in?

Fallout TV show
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Fallout has reportedly been watched by 65 million viewers already, making it the second most viewed show on Prime Video overall, and the first amongst 18-34-year olds.

A second season has been commissioned already.

As well as score 93% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon's latest smash hit sci-fi show has proved a huge success with subscribers.

Debuting on Amazon Prime Video on 10 April, Variety reports that Fallout was watched by 65 million viewers in just 16 days. While that falls just a little short of the current record holder – Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – it has smashed the record for the number of 18-34-year olds tuning in.

The streaming service isn't clear on how it counted the viewers, whether that's the amount that watched the whole series or individual episodes combined, but it's still an impressive number. And, if you've watched the show yourself already, you'll have a pretty good idea why.

The eight-episode run is a joy from start to finish, even if you're not a fan of the game series on which it is based. And if you are? Well, there are so many Easter eggs and sly winks to the RPGs that you'll get even more from it.

Ella Purnell is superb as the lead Lucy – literally wide-eyed and naive at the start, but soon starting to grasp an understanding of life outside of Vault 33. Then there is the excellent supporting cast, including Walton Goggins as The Ghoul. He is sure to be nominated for many an award.

Aaron Moten is also great as Maximus, the Brotherhood of Steel squire who desperately wants to be a knight and don the famed power armour.

In short, if you're not one of the 65 million to have watched at least one episode already, you really should give it a go. Fallout is exclusive to Prime Video, so you'll need a Prime subscription, but you can always sign up for a month's free trial, binge watch the whole lot and then cancel afterwards if you don't want to continue.

Once you're done, also check out the other sci-fi shows we recommend that are on a similar theme – one of them is also set in a bunker underground a surface devastated by nuclear war. We've never had it so good.

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