Finished Fallout on Prime Video? Here's what you should stream next

So you've binged your way through Fallout on Prime Video and want something else to watch...

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Amazon has finally brought the hugely popular game series Fallout to our screens, with all eight episodes of season 1 now available on its Prime Video streaming service.

It has also greenlit a season 2, thanks to the Fallout show being a massive critical success (with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes).

However, that could take a couple of years to arrive and what if you've binged the whole of season 1 already? Well, we've come up with four other TV series available on streaming platforms for you to get your teeth into next.


Perhaps the most obvious show to watch after Fallout is Silo on Apple TV+. It too is set in a vault (or silo, of course) where humans have lived for 100s of years after a post-apocalyptic event ravaged the Earth. And it also features a mystery as to what's keeping them down there.

Another similarity is that the lead character is a woman, although Juliette, played by Mission Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson is less naive and more an action go-getter.

That's really where the comparison stops too, as Silo is darker, grittier and a whole lot more serious. It is also superb – one of a range of top-tier sci-fi series on Apple TV+, which seems to excel in the genre.

Season 1 is available in its entirety to watch on the platform now, with a second likely to arrive later this year. There are even plans to film seasons 3 and 4 back to back to complete the story, so there's plenty to look forward to.

The Walking Dead

AMC's long-running post-apocalyptic zombie series came to an end in late 2022, although spinoffs and limited run series have continued since. Still, we thoroughly recommend you give the 11 season original a watch – not least because it's one of the best horror shows on TV and there's a total of 177 episodes to get through. That should be enough to keep you occupied for a while.

Based on the superb comic books by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore, the show mainly focuses on sheriff Rick Grimes, who wakes in hospital to find the world has been overrun by the dead.

What's hugely clever about the comics and the TV series is that, while the zombies are a major threat, the people left behind can be worse.

You can stream all 11 series on Disney+ in the UK, although the follow-up spinoffs are currently only available to watch in the US – we're still waiting on news of a UK source.

AMC+ hosts The Walking Dead in the States.

The Last of Us

Another adaptation of one of the biggest video games around, The Last of Us is a masterpiece that's gripping whether you've played the games or not. Unlike Fallout, it doesn't tell a new story – rather retells the plot of the first game – but there are enough twists and deviations to make it equally interesting.

The tone is much more serious, of course, with its apocalyptic event turning the population into dangerous zombie-like creatures – much like in The Walking Dead. However, its beauty is in the growing relationship between the two main protagonists – Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). It is poignant, scary and at times true tear-jerking stuff.

As with Fallout, it too has been commissioned for a second season.

You can stream The Last of Us on Max in the US and Now in the UK. It's also available on Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream, thanks to Sky's partnership with HBO.

Into the Badlands

Perhaps the most underrated show of the four listed here, Into the Badlands is another post-apocalyptic drama but there's not a zombie or mutant in sight.

It combines sci-fi with the martial arts genre as we follow Sunny, played by the superb Daniel Wu, on a trek across the eponymous Badlands of a post-war United States. He is joined by M.K. (Aramis Knight), a boy he rescues who also seemingly harbours a mysterious secret.

Sadly, AMC cancelled the show after three seasons, but it's very much worth watching regardless – not least for the excellently choreographed fight sequences.

And while it's not currently available to watch as part of a streaming subscription on any of the big services, you can purchase episodes through digital providers, such as Amazon Prime Video.

Note though, season 3 is not yet available on platforms in the UK.

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