EZVIZ’s new indoor camera has AI features that pet owners will love – and it’s on sale

Move over Ring – EZVIZ has launched its very own pan and tilt indoor camera

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EZVIZ has just launched its new indoor pan and tilt camera, the CP1 Pro 4MP. With colour night vision, AI capabilities and customisable patrol patterns, the EZVIZ CP1 Pro 4MP keeps an eye on your pets and babies, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

The EZVIZ CP1 Pro 4MP is available to buy now at Amazon for £49.99 – and it’s already discounted!

Another month, another security camera launch from EZVIZ! Its new CP1 Pro 4MP Indoor Pan and Tilt Camera are perfect for parents and pet owners, thanks to its round-the-clock surveillance, colour night vision and other exciting features, all in an affordable package.

Following the recent Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera launch from Ring, EZVIZ is never one to be outdone, and has responded with its own pan and tilt indoor camera. Responding to user comments that they mostly use an indoor camera to check in on their pets, the new CP1 Pro 4MP does all of this and more.

Adding to its extensive collection of best security cameras, the new EZVIZ CP1 Pro 4MP is designed to keep a careful watch over babies in cots while they’re sleeping and your pets while you’re out of the house. The petite design sits unobtrusively on shelves or tables, and has a 2K+ lens, with 340° horizontal and 55° vertical rotations to view entire rooms easily.

For use throughout the day and night, the CP1 Pro 4MP has impressive colour night vision and a built-in spotlight and night-time imaging for better views in the darkest of conditions. The CP1 Pro 4MP also has a built-in microphone and a one-touch video calling button via the EZVIZ app, so you can make quick video calls to home to check in on your family… or to tell your dog to get off the sofa! 


(Image credit: EZVIZ)

Speaking of the EZVIZ app, it allows you to customise every aspect of your camera, including panning and tilting to view the entire room and eliminating blind spots with its patrol mode. The camera and app cleverly learn your patrol patterns by how you view certain areas of your room at specific times for easier viewing, and have four pre-set points which you can tailor to your needs.

Detection is one of the most important aspects of a security camera, and the EZVIZ CP1 Pro 4MP has been adapted with smarter AI detection and tracking. The camera identifies and tracks human and pet movement, and reduces unnecessary alerts so you’re not constantly being notified. It also has loud noise detection where it’ll alert you to sudden changes in noise level, like a dog barking or a baby crying.

All these features sound pretty impressive for such a tiny camera, but its price is also a major attraction. Available to buy at EZVIZ and Amazon, the CP1 Pro 4MP is just £49.99 so you can upgrade your home security for under £50. Right now, it’s already been discounted at Amazon, so you can get it for even cheaper!

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