Exact date 'real-life Squid Game' gameshow will stream on Netflix

Red light, green light: not too long to wait for Netflix's Squid Game The Challenge spin-off, streaming from 22 November

Squid Game: The Challenge screengrab
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It's over two years since the first episode of Netflix's Squid Game aired on the streaming service. It was one of those shows that set pulses racing and, in particular during lockdown, was almost like a kind of catharsis. The show was so successful that Netflix decided to create a 'real-life Squid Game' game show – we knew the month in which it would air, but now there's an exact date for your diaries. 

Squid Game: The Challenge is the show's title, in which 456 real-life contestants take part in games in the hope of winning part of a $4.56-million prize. The Challenge will air on 22 November, as detailed in the official teaser trailer shown on Netflix's Tadum website (embedded below), although whether it'll be a weekly drip-feed release schedule or the full 10 episodes will be available from that date is yet to be confirmed.

I suspect Squid Game: The Challenge will be a huge success, given the original show's cult status. It's not the first time a game show such as this has existed, of course, with classics such as Takeshi's Castle also available. So if that's your favourite kind of game show then dig back in – it's easy to see why Netflix is widely regarded as one of the best streaming services (even if The Killing Game didn't quite turn out to be 'the next Squid Game' as predicted). 

I've watched The Challenge trailer multiple times, freeze-framing it to get a closer look at what to expect: and it certainly looks as though the contestants are going to be playing games that mirror the original series. As you can see in the gallery of screenshots below, there are clear shots of Red Light, Green Light and Hopscotch. Plus a Battleship-style game, which I think makes sense when you consider the escape attempts in the original show. 

Squid Game: The Challenge was actually shot in the UK, which I find interesting, as I wonder where the majority of the show's contestants will be from – the small cross-section of shots only catch minor glimpses of some of the 456 in the show – given the show's US Dollar prize money. Will it be only about the games or go down a Big Brother-style observation route too?

We'll all find out in a couple of months' time: as the 22 November on-air date isn't too long to wait for this new game show. I've actually cancelled Netflix to save on the month-by-month fees, but Squid Game: The Challenge will certainly be enough incentive to lure me back in for more streaming goodness. In the interim, as per my colleague here at T3, I'll have to settle for switching to Amazon Prime for the time being...

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