Cult classic gameshow is back on Prime Video and I can't wait

Get ready to storm the castle

Takeshi's Castle
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If you've ever played Fall Guys and thought, 'How did they come up with this?' then you've clearly never seen Takeshi's Castle before. The cult classic 80's game show was a global phenomenon. 

Much like Fall Guys or even Squid Game, contestants were challenged with completing a variety of tricky obstacle courses and off-the-wall games to progress. Some of the most iconic ones will be returning after a 33-year absence (33 years!). The names, Bridge Ball and Skipping Stones will mean a lot to those of a certain vintage, while others will no doubt get to enjoy the chaos and spectacular fails for the first time. There are of course new games to enjoy too. 

The thing is, however, this latest version, on Amazon Prime Video, looks to be the best iteration we've ever seen on UK shores. Previous episodes have in fact just been edited highlights packages, glorified clip shows even. Now we actually take the time to get to know contestants and follow them across the whole show. With Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis on commentary, it should be pretty funny too. 

If you've ever watched Total Wipeout (or Wipeout as it is also known) then you'll recognise the purpose of the show instantly. To laugh at those trying their best and celebrate those who manage to achieve the seemingly impossible. It's not exactly The West Wing but it is good clean dumb fun for the whole family. 

There's a famous saying that more people have been to the moon than have won  Takeshi's Castle, but this is a prestigious show that UK audiences will finally actually get to enjoy in its true form for the first time. 

This revival has got me wondering though, what other ancient game shows could make a reappearance? It might just be me but I'd absolutely love a Fort Boyard comeback. We do know however that there will be a Squid Game reality show launching this year, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Andy Sansom
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