Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley could buy BlackBerry

The ex-Apple exec could snap up the troubled smart phone maker

BlackBerry has been struggling of late, but now a report claims that ex-Apple exec John Sculley could be about to buy it up. But what would it mean for BlackBerry?

BlackBerry is on the hunt for a buyer, and now a new figure has thrown his hat into the ring. Ex-Apple exec John Sculley could be about to buy the troubled smart phone maker, according to a report in the Globe and Mail.

The Canadian newspaper reports Sculley wouldn't comment on the possible deal, but he did express his love for the company.

"I've been a long-time BlackBerry fan and user," he said. He also said that whoever took it over would need a lot of experience and expertise.

"The only thing I would say is, I think there's a lot of future value in BlackBerry, but without experienced people who have run this type of business, and without a strategic plan, it would be really challenging," he added.

"Whoever buys it would have to have a strategic plan that was credible and could succeed, and they would want to have an experienced team that would be able to implement that plan."

Sounds like he's thought this through.

Sculley is best-known as the man who fired Steve Jobs from Apple back in the 90s.

BlackBerry's co-founders Mike Lazardis and Doug Fregin are also in the running the take over the company, along with Google, Lenovo, and Cisco.

Source: The Globe and Mail