EVERYTHING Apple just announced in easy-to-consume picture form

New Apple TV app, and the new Macbook Pro, right here!

Today Tim Cook and Co. took to the stage at One Infinity Loop to unveil some things they've been working on.

There was a new Apple TV app to bring multiple streaming channels into one place, and really sexy new MacBook Pros.

Here's everything you might have missed:

New Apple TV App

The key new announcement for Apple TV was a new app, called TV. TV brings all of your streaming services into one app, and lets you browse everything in one place.

Sounds great, and it's out in the US in December, but we'd expect it to take a much longer time to hit our shores.

It's an attractive looking app.

The TV app is also available for iPhone and iPad.

New MacBook Pro

Now onto the headliner of the show - new Macbook Pros. The key feature here is the 'Touch Bar' along the top of the keyboard.

The Touch Bar is a colour, multitouch display which adapts depending on what the user is doing.

There's also a Touch ID sensor on it, allowing multiple users to log into the machine, and authorise payments using just their fingerprint.

The new Macbook Pro is much smaller than the previous model.

And features newer, more powerful guts.

There are four Thunderbolt 3 ports, which allow you to achieve some pretty awesome setups.

Here are the two sizes:

Here's how much the new models will cost:

In the UK that equates to £1449 for the 13-inch without Touch Bar, then £1749 13-inch MacBook Pro, and £2349 for the 15-inch model.

Check this out if you want to learn more about the MacBook Pro.