EE Cyber Security options bring mobile protection against scams

A new monthly addition to your mobile plan can help avoid falling pray to scammers and protect your other devices

EE Cyber Security pacakages
(Image credit: EE)

Scammers will try every possible way to part you with your hard-earn cash. While cyber security was once reserved for your home computer, as the best phones on the market are almost as powerful these days, they are also just as at risk. 

With mobile phones, it's tempting to log on to any free Wi-Fi to try and get internet access, but unless you are using a VPN on your phone, you could be putting your login data at risk. The same goes for those random emails, text messages and calls, claiming to be from a legitimate source. 

EE's new Cyber Security packages aim to help protect you from wannabe scammers. The new service can be added to your monthly phone plan and provides dark web monitoring, for signs of your details. It also gives you social media monitoring to check for suspicious activity, virus protection on your phone and other devices and an SMS security to help identify dodgy messages. 

The EE Cyber Security Duo will protect up to two devices for £2 a month, while the Multi package protects up to 15 devices for £5 per month, which should mean all of your home devices. While cyber security is often overlooked on our phones, this is one way to give yourself the best protection. 

I'd love to see a spam call filter added to this package too – it's something I came to rely on in the US and can be a big help if you get lots of nuisance calls. Otherwise, though, this is a handy add-on for those who aren't already covered. 

Mat Gallagher

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