Early Amazon Prime Day deal sees huge discounts on backpacks and suitcases

With 20% off AmazonBasics luggage at least you can pretend you're going on holiday?

Early Amazon Prime Day deal sees huge discounts on suitcases and backpacks
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Early Amazon Prime Day deals have started dropping thick and fast, and some of the best discounts can be found on Amazon's own 'AmazonsBasics' range. 

The brand has just launched a brand new 20% discount across all AmazonBasics products, with savings on home, garden, fitness and tech products. 

But, if you've been missing travel recently (maybe your summer holiday was cancelled) and you'd like to start dreaming about next year, when you're sitting on a beach sipping cocktails, the warm sea lapping at your toes, we'd recommend you check out the excellent AmazonBasics luggage deals, which sees discounts on backpacks, suitcases, duffle bags and more.

You can view all the early Amazon Prime Day deals right now by following one of the links above, which allow you to browse the excellent range of deals on offer.

It's super easy to get this discount – simply add one item from the selection on he page to your Shopping Basket. 

When you're done shopping, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button, and the Offer will be automatically applied to your total customer order value at checkout if you are eligible. 

The deal runs from the 1st of October to the 14th of October.

Suitcases are one of those items you really want to be good quality, because they protect all of your belonging when travelling, but don't ever want to pay full price for, because you may only use them a couple of times a year at most.

It's handy, then, that this sale has popped up, as it allows you to purchase a good quality suitcase for not-very-much money.

And of course, even if you're not planning on going travelling anytime soon, a suitcase is a great way of storing clothing and other items at home.

20% off AmazonBasics Luggage

20% off AmazonBasics Luggage
Perfect for those looking to up their travel game, Amazon's excellent Basics travel gear is just the ticket. The deal includes everything from stylish cabin luggage, to large duffel bags. You can even save on travel accessories, such as toiletry bags and packing cubes. Despite being AmazonBasics range, this luggage actually looks pretty good, so you'll definitely want to make the most of this deal!

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