Dyson's cordless vacuums now come with a lot less stuff

Dyson's streamlining its cordless vacuum cleaners and that means fewer tools inside the box

Dyson is streamlining its UK vacuum cleaner range
(Image credit: Dyson)

If you're looking for one of the best Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners and want lots of attachments, you'd better move fast before they disappear from your favourite retailer: Dyson is "streamlining" its cordless models, which means there will be just two attachments in the box for many cleaners from today. The new Dyson Gen5detect and the Dyson V15 Detect aren't affected.

Dyson is also changing its naming system to make things clearer, so you can say goodbye to Animal, Absolute and Complete. The core range is now the Dyson V8, the Dyson V11 and the Dyson Omni-Glide.

Why is Dyson streamlining its cordless vacuums?

Dyson says it's to help customers find the right machine and to "provide customers the vacuum cleaners and tools that matter most to them"; it suggests that some of the current tools are just sitting around gathering dust, which is pretty Ironic for vacuum cleaner accessories. 

Under the new naming system there are three key products: the £299.99 Dyson Omni-Glide, which comes with a combination tool, crevice tool and mini-motorised tool as well as its Fluffy cleaner head for hard floors; the £329.99 Dyson V8, which comes with a combination tool, a crevice tool and the multi-floor Motorbar; and the £429.99 Dyson V11, which has the same tools as the V8.

The other tools have been moved into bundles: the £55 Pet Grooming Kit, the £95 Advanced Cleaning Kit and the £75 Detail Cleaning Kit. There's also a new £95 Omni-Glide Kit which includes an extra battery and a light pipe crevice tool to make tricky spaces easier to see. 

All the details of the new models and accessory bundles are on the Dyson website, and orders are open from today.

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