Dynamite Voxi SIM only deal delivers 12GB data and no contract for £10 p/m

Grab a dynamite, contract-free SIM only deal from Voxi today

Voxi SIM only deals SIMO
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Voxi has become very well known for its SIM only deals and this new offer continues that trend with it offering a double data, contract-free SIMO package for just £10 per month.

Normally Voxi offers 6GB of data per month for £10, but thanks to this SIM only deal that is now doubled to 12GB.

What makes this SIMO offer even better, though, is that it also delivers Voxi's Endless Social Media and Endless Roaming features. That means that any data consumed while on social media doesn't count against the 12GB allowance, and that the data can be used while abroad.

SIM only deals like this offer a lot of benefits when compared to on-contract plans. Normally, your contract includes both your smartphone and data, leading to a higher monthly price, especially if you have a new iPhone or Galaxy. SIM only though doesn't factor a handset into the equation, meaning that the price is lower and the allowances higher.

What SIM only also can deliver is contract-free plans like this one. Find an even better SIM only deal in a month's time? Then no problem, as there is no contract then you can just walk away with no penalty or issue.

We think this is a great just-right SIM only deal from Voxi, and its full details can be viewed below:

VOXI SIM | One-month rolling plan | 6GB 12GB data | Endless social media | Endless roaming | Unlimited texts and calls | £10/month from Voxi
Star Deal

VOXI SIM | One-month rolling plan | 6GB 12GB data | Endless social media | Endless roaming | Unlimited texts and calls | £10/month from Voxi
Voxi is a part of Vodafone, ensuring excellent coverage across the UK, but with a load of perks: endless social media being the main one. 12GB data is a plus, too, and the fact that there is no contract guarantees maximum freedom.

So, if you're looking for some freedom from a lengthy and expensive contract, Voxi may well have you covered, offering generous data allowance, unlimited social media, and a few other perks besides for a mere £10/month.

To see how this SIM only deal compares to the rest of the market, be sure to check out the SIM only comparison chart below, which pulls in today's very best plans and prices.

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