Ducati launches a range of electric scooters for on- and off-road

No motorcycle licence? No problem! Get one of these Ducati electric scooters instead

Ducati launches range of electric scooters for on and off-road
(Image credit: Ducati)

Ducati, the legendary Italian motorcycle brand, has just announced a new line of electric scooters for urban mobility.  

Created in partnership with MT Distribution, an Italian company already with over 40 years experience in the sector, the new range consists of four electric scooters and three folding e-bikes under the Ducati, Ducati Corse and Ducati Scrambler brand.

The new e-scooters are aimed at people who "want to move around the city with style and originality". Sustainable, personal transport has been a growing trend recently, as people all over the world start to return to work after lockdown begin to be lifted.

During the development of the new electric scooters, special attention was paid to the design by the Ducati Design Centre, which also collaborated with Italdesign for the folding e-bikes. 

The result is an innovative collection with some features we haven't seen before from Segway-Ninebot and Xiaomi.  

The scooters will have motors from 250W to 500W, the first two electric scooters are called Cross-E and Pro II.

The Ducati Scrambler branded Cross-E scooter mounts so-called “fat” anti-puncture tubeless tyres (size 110/50-6.5”), which are also suitable for stretches of dirt or very uneven roads. 

The brushless motor provides a continuous power output of 500W and guarantees excellent pick-up both at the start and on uphill sections, without undergoing any slowdown in pace. 

The 375 Wh battery guarantees an autonomy of up to 30-35 km, maintaining an average speed of 15 km/h. 

The Ducati Scrambler branded Cross-E scooter

The Ducati Scrambler branded Cross-E scooter.

(Image credit: Ducati)

Ducati claims the sturdy frame gives maximum stability and riding comfort, although we're not quite sure how that curved footboard will work.

The double front headlight allows the use of the vehicle at night, while an large 3.5-inch LCD displays vital information.

The Pro II (pictured top) is aimed at city use, mounting a 350W continuous brushless motor and a 280 Wh battery. This allows you to cover around 25-30 km on 10” puncture-proof tubeless tyres.

Ducati really focused on the safety and ease of use of these e-scooters, so they both have a double brake system, with an electric brake on the front tyre and a disc brake on the rear. 

The Ducati Cross-E will be available on June 20, while the Ducati Pro II will arrive a little later, on July 6, 2020.  

The entire line will be available for purchase during 2020, with some models of scooters available at Ducati dealers and in the Ducati Shop Online.

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