Dollar Shave Club lands in the UK. Sign up now to get £5 off your first order

Get grooming products sent to you every month

After much anticipation, the Dollar Shave Club is bringing its unique approach to grooming to us Brits.

What is the Dollar Shave Club?

It launched five years ago in the US with a simple concept, to deliver high-quality razors, and an assortment of men’s grooming products, through a regular subscription delivered straight to your door and at a better value than buying other blades.

So it's kind of like Netflix, but for razors and grooming products.

When signing up you'll be able to choose one of three razors, The Humble Twin, The 4X and The Executive.

As well as the razor, you'll also be able to order a selection of shave aids, which include an Easy Shave Butter, Mandatory Prep Scrub, Magnanimous Post Shave Cream, and Disappearing Post Shave Dew. 

And finally, you can also order a Dollar Shave Club traveller bag.

The Dollar Shave Club will launch in the UK in January 2018, but you can register your interest today to be among the very first UK members.

Prices start at £3 per month, and if you do sign up early, you'll get £5 off your first order.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the brand’s friend referral program, which offers another £5 off for every friend who joins the club.

To sign up and get a £5 off your first order, visit the Dollar Shave Club.

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