Disney Plus slated to recast Luke Skywalker in new Star Wars shows

Disney Plus has been called by an insider to be preparing to cast this famous actor as Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker

Disney Plus Star Wars Luke Skywalker
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T3 has spoken recently about how Disney Plus is really driving the Star Wars universe forward with exciting new shows such as The Mandalorian and the incoming Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Series, both of which have seen past Star Wars actors return to play famous characters.

Moving forward, though, it looks like the most famous Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker, is not going to be played by Mark Hamill, who fans saw die in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Instead, the character is going to be played in future Disney Plus Star Wars TV shows and films by an entirely new actor.

Well, that's if the latest slated casting call is to be believed, with a knowledgeable insider stating that actor Sebastian Stan, who is currently playing The Winter Soldier in various of Disney's Marvel films and TV shows, has been "eyed for Luke Skywalker projects", that "there have been talks of Luke Skywalker being in multiple projects" and that while nothing has been signed yet "Sebastian Stan is their man".

This casting leak seems to fall in sync with the fact that late last year Disney Plus announced it was working to bring 12 new Star Wars projects to life, only a few of which have so far been announced.

The core reason why Sebastian Stan has been linked with the recasting of Luke Skywalker is two fold. Firstly, as evidenced by the heavily CG'd cameo appearance of Mark Hamill in the The Mandalorian Season 2, the original Luke is now getting on a fair bit and while the de-ageing CG is quite impressive, it clearly cannot be used in a property where Luke Skywalker is on screen all the time.

Secondly, Sebastian Stan looks very similar to a young Mark Hamill and, as such, would be ideal casting for new Star Wars TV shows and movies that focussed on the adventures of young Luke Skywalker.

As the insider notes, nothing is yet confirmed, but from our perspective here at T3 we think this casting would make perfect sense. Not only does Stan look right, but he has also already been cast in Disney-owned content that has been shown on Disney Plus. An adventures of young Luke Skywalker would work perfectly, too. The Mandalorian has been a big success for Disney Plus, and a similar series focussing on the untold stories of Luke between, say, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, or after the Return of the Jedi has huge scope.

Here's hoping we hear more about these new Luke Skywalker Star Wars projects soon, as it will give people yet another great reason to sign up to Disney Plus. We said in our Disney Plus review that the streaming service delivers "out of this world content", and a new Luke Skywalker series or movie would confirm that.

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