Damn fine coffee deal! DeLonghi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is a whopping £300 off

We’re feeling the love for this beefy bean-grinding coffee maker with quality credentials

DeLonghi ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is perfect if you’re in the market for a new gadget. It’s a Mega Deal too, which means that it’s priced to sell. For very little money you get the chance to enjoy an awful lot of jungle-fresh coffee in an array of different ways.

The Cappuccino system, for example, is perfect if that kind of blend is your thing, but at the root of its appeal is the integrated coffee grinder that packs no less than 13 different settings. Getting your beans bashed about in the right manner is central to being able to enjoy good coffee, so the DeLonghi ECAM23.420 is already off to a great start.

DELONGHI ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Silver, Black or White, was £599 now £299

If that’s not a damn fine deal, we don’t know what is. 


DELONGHI ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Silver, Black or White | Save £300
The DeLonghi ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine originally retailed for £599 and you can currently buy it for just £299, which means delicious cups of coffee will taste even better, thanks to a big spoonful of sweet, sweet savings.

So, as we mentioned, the Cappuccino system really is the start of the show here as it’s able to whip up a superb blend of steam, air and milk to deliver cappuccino’s just as they should be; all rich and creamy like. However, the coffee maker isn’t a one-trick pony as it’s got a raft of customisable settings. Coffee aficionados like their caffeine experience to be a personal one and this machine delivers just that.

Remember though, this is a DeLonghi, so as well as delivering premium-grade cups of coffee in no time at all, the ECAM23.420 is a thing of beauty too. The construction, which comes in silver, black and white variations, looks a dream in your kitchen and the quality is packed into the components. The steam wand, for example, which is an essential part of the coffee making drill, looks designed and built to last.

DELONGHI ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Silver, Black or White

Usability? The DeLonghi ECAM23.420 has oodles of simple to handle controls, with five coffee strength settings, while Latte, Cappuccino, Expresso and plain old hot milk are all at your fingertips via the neat and tidy central control panel. There’s an LED display too, which gives you information and updates on how your machine, and resulting brew is faring. The removable drip tray is a bonus if you’re shaking from the effects of all that great coffee.

Better still, the whole thing oozes wipe down appeal. Mega handy if you’re not keen on clean up chores. And, let’s face it, who the hell is?

Any downsides? Well, a teensy-weensy minority of people tend to flag up the water tank, which could perhaps be described as a little miserly at 1.8 litres. Don’t let that put you off though as refilling it is quick and easy. It’s hardly a reason to give the DeLonghi ECAM23.420 a miss, particularly when it’s got ‘Mega Deal’ status. What are you waiting for?

DELONGHI ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Silver, Black or White

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