Dali Epicon 6 speakers announced

Room-filling sound combined with classic design

Over a metre tall the Dali wants you consider the Epicon 6 loudspeakers as not just a pair of speakers but also an investment into handfinished design

Dali has unveiled the new Epicon 6 loudspeakers, two of its largest and most impressive speakers yet boasting two huge wooden finished units that have been designed to be a permanent addition to any room.

Standing at over a metre tall these speakers pack a punch, but they are also given a hand by various technologies developed in house. After three years of research attempting to address the four causes of distortion in the motor system they came up with the solution, their Linear Drive Magnet system.

By removing almost all distortion the system ensures that the listener hears 'exactly what is on the recording – nothing more, nothing less' whether it's good or bad.

That's not all Dali spends its time on, the attention to detail is impressive with the company setting up its own manufacturing unit just to produce the Linear Drive Magnet system.

Available in three different real wood finishes (Walnut, Ruby Macassar and Black), the multi-layered enclosure ensures the acoustics are as spot on as they can be, meaning 'a large sound stage and a premium audio experience' is produced throughout.

The rewards one can reap as a result of this are twofold: first, it means no lugging your Epicon 6's about the place (29.8 kilograms is a lot of kilograms) and second, it means just the one pair will be more than adequate.

Available now the Epicon 6 as a pair are an eye-watering £7,800 but of course for that you get two speakers that have been designed to be the best you'll ever own, for good.

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