Cybovac is a fully-featured robot vacuum that doesn't cost the earth

Keeps your home clean with tech inspired by insects and drones

Cybovac E31
(Image credit: Cybovac)

Kyvol has just launched not one, but three brand new robot vacuum cleaners. All of these E-series “Cybovac” robovacs combine visual navigation inspired by insects, with drone technology, without the hefty price tag associated with similar devices.

Despite being at the more affordable end of the market, Cybovac’s models – the entry-level E20, a more advanced E30, and top of the range E31 – offer an array of high-tech features usually found in much more expensive models.

All Cybovac models can be controlled via an app or an IR remote, which lets you set up automatic cleaning schedules as well as control the vacuum for spot cleaning. 

If you'd prefer to clean completely hands-free, you can link your device with Alexa or Google Assistant and command your worker-bot to clean using just your voice.

There are three cleaning modes to choose from, Auto, Edge, and Spot.

All will use gyroscopic navigation combined with optical sensors (included in the E30 and E31 only) to navigate around your home.

The optical sensors monitor the moving distance and speed of the Cybovac and identify floor characteristics. When the Cybovac vacuums a hard floor but moves on to a rug, the optic flow sensors recognize the change in surface and automatically boost the suction power.

(Image credit: Cybovac)

If there's somewhere you'd rather your Cybovac doesn't go, like close to a valuable object or into a different room, you can use magnetic strips to create no-go zones.

The top of the range E31 also offers a 300ml water tank and mopping function to clean hard services, although this needs to be switched over manually (it won't automatically switch between vacuum and mop modes).

On a full charge, all models have a 150 minute battery life (that's enough to clean roughly 100m²) and when the battery power level reaches 12%, the Cybovacs return to their charging station.

All E-series are fitted with a large 600ml dust bin (which is very easy to empty), and a clean air filter system with both a dual-layer and HEPA filter to dramatically reduce tiny particles like allergens being blown into the air.

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