Cybex Anoris T takes child safety to the next level with an integrated airbag

This innovative car seat is setting new industry standards in terms of safety

Cybex Anoris T
(Image credit: Cybex)

Cybex, the German manufacturer of car seats and strollers, is attempting to reinvent the world of child safety and setting new industry standards, with the launch of the Anoris T i-Size.

The brand claims that the forward-facing seat offers approximately 50% more protection than conventional forward-facing seats thanks to its integrated airbag technology, and is at least as safe as rear-facing car seats. 

Of course, being a forward-facing seat also brings additional benefits – your child will enjoy more comfort and legroom, and you'll find it easier to communicate and interact with them.

Cybex features heavily in T3's best car seat guide and has been at the forefront of the car seat industry since it introduced the award-winning rear-facing Sirona in 2012.

Adding an airbag to a child's car seat has been a goal of the company since it was founded. 'For decades, airbags have been essential safety features for vehicles, protecting adults from serious injury in the event of an accident. Ever since CYBEX was founded in 2005, we had a vision for a car seat that would also make this technology accessible to children.' says Martin Pos, founder of Cybex.

Activation in milliseconds

In a conventional front-facing car seat, a child is secured using harness straps so that in a frontal collision the head is thrust forward. To combat this, the curved airbag integrated into the Anoris T's impact shield protects both the fragile head and neck. 

The airbag is activated within milliseconds of an impact. We travelled to Cybex's headquarters to witness it in real life. It really is instant, blink and you'll miss it, luckily, Cybex was recording on a super-slow-motion camera and the video can be viewed below. As you can see, the airbag inflates before the test dummy starts moving.

Cybex claims the full-body airbag provides approximately 50% more protection in the event of a frontal collision than traditional forward-facing child seats with a harness system, while still offering the same degree of protection as rear-facing seats.

Passive safety and increased usability

Of course, protection in the event of an accident is great, but the Anoris T also aims to cut down accidents in the first place. Traditional rear-facing seats mean you'll need to turn around to check on your child, and, as we know, turning around while driving is dangerous. As a forward-facing seat, the Anoris T allows you to interact easily with your child, keeping them in plain sight using the rearview mirror. 

The Anoris T also makes long drives more comfortable thanks to the increased legroom. On longer trips, bigger kids can dangle their feet without feeling restricted in any way.

This seat is designed to be used by children up to six years old, which is two years older than conventional child car seats allow.

Cybex Anoris T

(Image credit: Cybex)

The Anoris T has been developed in accordance with the UN R129/03 standard – is suited for children at a height of 76 centimetres. The seat is easy to adapt as the child grows to a height of 115 centimetres and a maximum weight of 21 kilograms. 

The seat can also be adjusted into three comfortable positions so children can easily fall asleep.

Price and availability

The Anoris T i-Size will be available in stores in late November 2021 at a price of £559.95.

At the launch, Pos, says it was important for them to hit the lowest price point possible and compared it to the price of an iPhone, suggesting that if you can spend £600 on a smartphone, then the same amount for the safety of your child is a bargain

The Anoris T is available in seven colours, including black, grey, navy, blue, mustard, khaki, and our favourite, 'Autumn Gold'.

We'll be reviewing the new seat to see how it stacks up against the existing best car seats on the market. Stay tuned for the official verdict!

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