I found some cool Cyber Monday deals on e-bikes and e-scooters – you'll never guess where!

Have you heard of Wellbots before? They stock a huge selection of electric two-wheelers, many of which are on offer right now

person standing next to Nakto e-bike near lake
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With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday yet to come, one might feel like we're in a bit of limbo. If we are, this is the best kind of limbo, as we get to enjoy both Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday offers for 48 hours straight! This means that people who look at deals all day – me – can find e-bike and e-scooter deals in unusual places, like Wellbots.

Shop all Cyber Monday e-bike deals at Wellbots

Shop all Cyber Monday e-scooter deals at Wellbots

What I like the most about Wellbots' Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is how whacky some models are. Look at the MotoTec Gas Mini Chopper 49cc – it looks like a chopper but costs only $453. Wellbots says it's 'Black Friday price', but I can't tell if it's on offer or just this cheap in general. Below, you'll find a few more offers that caught my attention.

For more electric (and non-electric) Cyber Monday cycling deals, I recommend heading over to REI. You'll find everything from bikes and helmets to turbo trainers and accessories for a discounted price – 1,100 of them, to be precise! Don't miss out on one of the best Cyber Monday sales. 

Matt Kollat
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