Creative's new Sound Blaster Roar speaker available in UK

The firm promises serious audio heft from the portable gear

Not content with the shoddy sound that generic portable speakers squeak out, Creative's taken to speccing out its latest wireless boombox...

Creative has launched its brand new Sound Blaster Roar here in the UK, promising beefed up beats it reckons can rival your home stereo system.

The wireless Bluetooth speaker is designed for 'space-filling' sound, which it achieves with five multi-directional drivers, each pinning down different audio frequencies for optimal tuneage.

The front-firing speakers cover high-frequency audio, while two side-firing radiators enhance the low-end. Bass and mid-range is covered by a top-firing driver.

The Roar ships in ritzy metallic casing, although it weighs in at a feathery 1.1kg meaning it's easy to lug around for on-the-move audiophiles.

"Many portable wireless speakers are designed primarily to be small and compact. They hardly suffice in audio fidelity to provide decent sound as a home stereo system," says Wong Hoo Sim, Creative's CEO.

"We embarked on a near impossible mission to make it small, feature-rich, sexy and cost-effective by defying many laws of conventional acoustic engineering."

And feature-rich it is, touting TeraBass intelligent bass compensation, ROAR Audio Power's high-volume high-fidelity audio, a high-quality mic, NFC connectivity, and a built-in siren - ravers, attention!

It also sports a sizeable 6000mAh battery, which provides 8 hours of continous audio playback, and will even charge your smartphone.

The Sound Blaster Road looks pretty good on paper, although we've not had a chance to play with it ourselves just yet.

Creative says it'll be showing off the device at this year's IFA conference in Berlin, so that's a good chance to check out the Roar's audio heft.

If you're already sold on the specs, you can snap one up for £129.99 from Creative's online store.