Ride on the wild side with Cowboy's new Cross E-Bike

Cowboy is set to redefine urban and rural cycling once again with its latest launch

Cowboy launches new Cross E-Bike
(Image credit: Cowboy)

Cowboy, known for its minimalist and innovative bike designs, has unleashed its latest creation onto the cycling scene, the Cross E-Bike. Promising to redefine urban and rural cycling, the Cross E-Bike boasts an array of features aimed at elevating the riding experience.

Described as "revolutionary" by the brand, the new electric bike certainly makes some big promises. With its inverted front fork and seat post suspension, it aims to tackle both city streets and rugged trails with ease.

The centrepiece of the Cross E-Bike is its new battery, touted to have a 50% increase in capacity. The removable battery offers 540Wh with which riders can enjoy an impressive range of 60-120km on a single charge.

Furthermore, the Cross E-Bike features a swift 3-hour charging time, providing both power and convenience for riders on the go.

Advanced software features promoting rider health and well-being are some of the more interesting additions to the Cross E-Bike's capabilities.

Cowboy app displaying Live Challenges feature

"Live Challenges motivates riders to push their limits and achieve new milestones."

(Image credit: Cowboy)

One of these new features, Live Challenges, motivates riders to push their limits and achieve new milestones, combining the thrill of level-based challenges with interactive social features.

The Cross E-Bike also includes Cowboy's proprietary "Check My Bike" diagnostic tool. This feature monitors the bike's performance and can self-diagnose service needs, ensuring optimal performance and providing peace of mind for riders.

There's no denying the appeal of the Cowboy Cross E-Bike. With its sleek design, customisable colour options, and promise of versatility, it's sure to turn heads on city streets and country trails alike.

Whether it lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: Cowboy is certainly aiming to shake up the cycling world once again.

Launching in two frame designs, step-over and step-through, with an early bird price of £3,099/€3,499, the Cross E-Bike is now available for pre-order on Cowboy, Cowboy Brand Stores, and through its network of independent retail partners.

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