Controversial Netflix cancellation to return as movie trilogy

Hit series to arrive on the big screen

Warrior Nun Netflix TV series
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Netflix cancels a lot of shows before they can come to a natural conclusion but Warrior Nun is no ordinary series. Earlier this year, the show's community managed to 'save' the series after seven months of campaigning but it seems like they've done even better than first thought. 

We initially thought that Ava Silva's story would be continued via another series of the show but now it has been revealed by Executive Producer Dean Englsih that Warrior Nun's comeback will take the form of not one but three movies. Surprisingly according to The Hollywood Reporter, production will have nothing to do with Netflix either. English clarified that there's no word on plot or casting yet out of respect to the writer's and actor's strikes currently in Hollywood.

If you've not seen the series it has a whopping 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and is definitely worth a watch next time you're on Netflix if you're into fantasy. 

Netflix TV show Warrior Nun

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For a show that presumably was cancelled because of a lack of ratings, it is a big commitment to announce three movies at once, and that's not all with English adding that the Warrior Nun cinematic universe could even "expand into films and TV series following characters that we already know."

If you're hoping your favourite cancelled Netflix show might be given similar treatment, it's sadly unlikely, although I'd do pretty much anything for a Teenage Bounty Hunters revival. The Warrior Nun community has been fervently campaigning since its original December cancellation to keep the franchise alive and it's safe to say they were excited at this latest announcement in the Warrior Nun Reddit.

There has in fact been talk of a Warrior Nun movie long before this latest news. As early as 2015, Darren English's production company Perfect Circle Productions had been imagining a trilogy of feature-length movies based on Ben Dunn's comic book, well before the Netflix series even existed.

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