Contactless payments go live on London Underground

Slap cards and phones down on your local tube reader from today...

Hark, Londoners - this morning marks the advent of a hopefully long and prosperous relationship between the London Underground and contactless payments.

From today, those of you with contactless cards or NFC-friendly smartphones will be able to enjoy Pay-As-You-Go tube service here in the capital.

It's going to work in much the same way as an Oyster card does currently, although you can't add travelcards or season tickets to your contactless platform just yet.

The prices will be the same as an Oyster card, and you'll still find payments hitting a daily cap if you're particularly keen on the tubes on a given day.

The contactless payments will only be valid up to purchases of £20, which is more than enough for day-to-day travel.

Just like the Oyster, you won't need to enter a PIN or sign anything - just slap the card (or phone) down on the reader and roll on through.

It's worth mentioning that card clash - when multiple contactless cards are in close proximity - is now even more of an issue.

If you have, for instance, a contactless card and an Oyster in the same wallet, you could be at risk of paying with the wrong card if you place your whole wallet on the reader.

In short, it's best to just place a singular card down on the reader to dodge any mistaken payments.

EE has also announced that its 'Cash on Tap' service will be compatible with Transport For London's new contactless scheme.

This also means that Apple's new Apple Pay system will also work on London Underground, so early adopters of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are in good stead.

Of course, the raft of Android smartphones already touting NFC payment systems will also be able to make use of the new system.