Coming in hot! Domino's DXB delivery eBike packs its own oven for piping hot pizza

G-Force stabilisation also means its arrives intact

Domino's DBX Delivery Concept
(Image credit: Domino's)

It's Friday night, there’s a movie marathon to get stuck into, so you order a pizza and wait. Alas, it inevitably turns up cold and looking like it has played 80 minutes against the All Blacks, because the delivery driver got lost when taking a shortcut that involved bunny-hopping down a flight of stairs.

Thankfully, Domino's has a canny, tech-laden plan to banish both of these issues to the history books with its recently announced DXB delivery machine. Depending on the country you inhabit, the future-thinking concept takes one of two guises: a high-tech, LED-laden electric scooter or an equally funky electric bicycle.

The common thread that runs through both is, naturally, colourful LEDs, because LEDs are always futuristic. But more importantly it is the whopping temperature-controlled "Pizza Pod" that resides on the back. The electric, fan-forced oven keeps the pizza (and other tasty foodstuffs) piping hot at 68 degrees celsius for "optimum freshness and cheese stretch", according to Domino’s.

Domino's DBX Delivery Concept

(Image credit: Domino's)

What's more, the oven has been designed specifically to work in conjunction with the next generation of "hot cell" pizza bags, which feature specially-placed ventilation compartments that allow moisture to escape. This means that even if your delivery driver turns up looking like a sweaty mess, your pizza won't.

However, we think the smartest part about the entire system is the G-Force stabilisation system Domino's has added to the rear-mounted pizza oven. It says your pizza can experience up to 10.2 units of gravity during a delivery, apparently more than a fighter jet pilot endures. This suspension system is capable of cutting G-forces by 67 per cent and levelling out the interior, even if the driver decides to take the road less travelled to your door.

According to Domino's, its DXB concept will be gradually rolled out in select countries for now, with plans for wider adoption soon. Your Friday night is saved.

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