Cheap iPhone SE 2020 deal: Get the iPhone SE for free from just £21 per month on Sky Mobile

This is the cheapest iPhone SE deal you'll find at launch

iPhone SE deal lowest price
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If you're after the lowest contract price for the iPhone SE, you've found it! We've been seeking the best iPhone SE deals from all over the web, but this is the lowest monthly cost we've seen – and there are no upfront costs either!

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Sky Mobile is offering the new iPhone SE from just £21 per month, which nets you 2GB of data as well unlimited calls and texts. This is on Sky's Swap24 plan, which is a 36-month contract overall (hence the low price), but with the option to swap your phone out after two years. You can also upgrade your data from that 2GB to something more hefty any time you like – see below for all the options.

iPhone SE from just £21 per month with NO upfront costs at Sky Mobile!64GB iPhone SE128GB iPhone SE256GB iPhone SE

iPhone SE from just £21 per month with NO upfront costs at Sky Mobile!
Sky Mobile is cruising in with the lowest price out of the gate for the iPhone SE – you can get the 64GB iPhone SE for just £21 per month and no initial cost, with 2GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and unlimited streaming of Sky's TV apps. You can also upgrade to 20GB of data for just £27 per month – and Sky lets you roll data you don't use into a 'piggybank' for use on other months, or even for sharing between family members also on Sky Mobile. You can also get the 128GB iPhone SE for just a little more – £23 per month for 2GB, or £29 per month for 20GB of data. And Sky is offering the 256GB iPhone SE too – that's £26 per month for 2GB or £32 per month for 20GB. All are 36-month contracts, but you can swap your phone after 24 months if you choose, and you can change you data plan on any of them at any time.

The iPhone SE 2020 is Apple's newest iPhone, but comes with tech that you'll find in the more expensive models too. The screen is the smallest of all current iPhones at 4.7 inches, but its razor-sharp and has the same wide colour gamut and brightness as the iPhone 11's display. You've got a single-lens rear camera, but it has all the most advanced processing, including Portrait mode and 4K video – and it's the same for the front camera. The Apple A13 Bionic processor is the same as in the iPhone 11 Pro, and is the world's fastest. What you get here is an older design (though that's had a face lift) and Touch ID fingerprint security instead of face recognition.

We've gone into more detail about how it compares to the other cheaper iPhones in our iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR guide.

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