Cheap TalkTalk broadband deal delivers fast internet and a £70 Amazon Gift Card

An £70 Amazon Gift Card bonus makes this cheap fibre broadband deal from TalkTalk well worth checking out

TalkTalk fibre broadband deal
(Image credit: TalkTalk)

For anyone looking for a great broadband deal right now then this fresh offer from respected UK internet supplier TalkTalk is absolutely worth checking out.

That's because the TalkTalk broadband deal not only delivers a strong and reliable internet connection with an average download speed of 67Mbs for just £20 per month, but it also comes with a £70 Amazon Gift Card bundled in.

View the £20 per month TalkTalk broadband deal now

That £70 Amazon Gift Card, which can be used to buy anything from the online retailer, is a proper nice extra in our mind, and very much acts as a cherry on top of the sweet broadband deal cake here.

TalkTalk are renowned in the UK for its customer-first approach, as well as the reliability of its broadband packages, which is why we find it so easy to recommend this deal.

The full details of the TalkTalk fibre broadband deal can be viewed below:

TalkTalk broadband | Average speed: 67Mbs | 18-month contract | £20 p/m | £70 Amazon Gift Card | Available now

TalkTalk broadband | Average speed: 67Mbs | 18-month contract | £20 p/m | £70 Amazon Gift Card | Available now
We like reliable, fast broadband here at T3, and this new broadband deal from TalkTalk not only delivers on that, but it also throws in a £70 Amazon Gift Card to spend, too. An average download speed of 67Mbs is more than enough for modern multiplayer gaming and ultra high-definition 4K Netflix streaming, while £70 to spend on whatever you want at Amazon is a very nice sweetener.

As well as broadband deals, T3 also searches for top SIM only offers on a daily basis, hunting out the very cheapest SIM plans that come with the best allowances and features, and at the very lowest prices going.

As such, if you are currently being gouged by the your network for big cash for small data, text and calls allowances, then we'd say it is well worth checking out T3's best SIM only deals guide.

If you like the sound of this TalkTalk fibre broadband deal, but want to browse what other offers on the market today, then be sure to check out T3's awesome broadband comparison engine below, which lets you search for the best plans available in your area.

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