Cheap dash cam deal takes 25% off the Garmin Mini 2 for Amazon Prime Day

One of the best dash cam setups gets a 25% price cut at Amazon – now on sale for £75

Garmin dadsh cam deal for Prime Day
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If a cheap dash cam is what you're after today, Amazon may just have the Prime Day deal you're looking for. Garmin's Dash Cam Mini 2 (one of the best dash cameras available) is on sale for 25% off for Prime Day.

The Dash Cam Mini 2 is now on sale for just £74.99, (its cheapest price ever) this nifty little dash cam setup provides full 1080p HD recordings with a 140-degree field of view for maximum coverage. Along with some added perks like voice control, automatic incident detection and more, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 offers a great and inexpensive solution for those in need of a dash cam.

Check out the deal below:

Garmin Dashcam Mini 2: was £99.99, now £74.99 at Amazon (save £25)

Garmin Dashcam Mini 2: was £99.99, now £74.99 at Amazon (save £25)
Tiny camera, huge protection. The car key-sized Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 with voice control offers discreet eyewitness incident detection in 1080p HD video for vehicles on the road or parked.

You can head over to T3's Garmin Dash Cam Mini review to check out all this thing has to offer, but to summarize this thing offers a top-quality dash setup that comes fully featured with voice control, cloud saving, and a parking guard feature. To top it off, it's easy to setup, easy to operate and is extremely reliable over comparable models.

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is getting a discount at multiple retailers as well, with Argos also discounting the model. The price at Argos is £89.99 though, which makes the Amazon Prime Day deal look even better. Safe driving!

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