G-Shock MR-G Frogman gets a huge design upgrade to make it even more desirable

This G-Shock MR-G Frogman is lavished with titanium for an ultra-premium finish

Casio G-Shock Mr-G Frogman
(Image credit: G-Shock)
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G-Shock has released a premium Frogman divers watch, the MRG-BF1000B. This limited edition watch features a titanium case, sapphire crystal, and Bluetooth connectivity for divers to access dive data and information.

While the price tag is high at £5,200, there are more affordable Frogman options available.

G-Shock has announced a model that sees the premium world of MR-G collide with the Frogman series, for a high-quality divers watch that is not only packed with functionality, but made from exclusive materials too.

In 2023, G-Shock celebrated its 40th anniversary and the Frogman line celebrated its 30th birthday. That resulted in a limited edition watch, the BF1000E, with only 700 pieces available - as well as some other classics like the poison dart frog watch. But there's now the BF1000B, which again takes the iconic Frogman design - specifically engineered for divers - and gives it a titanium twist.

While the regular Frogman watches have a resin case, in this MR-G version each part has been recreated in titanium for a next-level look. There are 70 pieces to the exterior, while it retains its waterproofing and shockproofing credentials and that classic asymmetrical design.

The rear of this watch is a sapphire crystal finished in vapour red with the Frogman character on it, matching the red highlights of the dial. There's a titanium band too, which is extendable so you can wear it over a wetsuit.

Casio G-Shock Mr-G Frogman

(Image credit: G-Shock)

Not only do you get those quality materials and that breathtaking design, but this still a tool for divers. The hour and minute hands will overlap and work together to show your dive duration. The watch is also equipped with Bluetooth and thanks to an accompanying smartphone app, you'll be able to view tide data and other information for over 3000 global dive locations.

You'll be able to use your smartphone to check your dive stats collected by your watch, so you'll not only have that essential data, but your watch will look great while you're wearing it.

This is a big watch, naturally, with big buttons so they're easy to press when diving. It includes solar charging, with time being radio controlled.

Then we come to the price which might be a little steep for some at £5,200, but if you can't afford this MR-G variant, then there are plenty of other Frogman versions you might want to consider on the G-Shock website.

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