Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel app to tackle mobile wastage

New Carphone Warehouse app lets users monitor data usage and hit tariff allowances

Carphone Warehouse allows customers to monitor their phone usage and tariff limits through the company's own, newly launched free app, Bill Angel

Aiding its campaign against wasteful phone tariffs, UK smartphone retailer Carphone Warehouse has launched its own free mobile usage monitoring app, Bill Angel.

By entering their allowance details, the app will allow users to monitor their phone activity, charting their text, call and data usage. Further assisting in avoiding hefty charges, the Bill Angel app will alert users when they are reaching their limits and again when that limit has been reached.

Working for the greater good, Carphone Warehouse will aim to use the resulting data to help point customers in the direct of tariffs more appropriate their usage needs, part of the company's campaign to tackle the £4.8bn wasted on unsuitable tariffs every year.

“Data use is continuing to skyrocket and more and more customers are now regularly overspending on their bill by exceeding monthly data limits,” said Graham Stapleton, Chief Commercial Officer of Carphone Warehouse.

As part of their research, Carphone Warehouse have discovered that consumers worry more about phone bills than other household costs such as gas and water.

“At Carphone Warehouse, we're committed to providing customers with independent impartial advice and have created the Bill Angel app to offer people a simple way to track their mobile phone usage, alerting them before reaching their tariff limits and helping them avoid additional charges.”

Currently exclusive to Android users, the Bill Angel app is available as a free download via the Google Play Store now. An iOS release has been pencilled in for June 27th, but will only monitor data usage. Blackberry users will be able to get their money saving fix from July 7th.

Are you concerned about not getting the best tariff options? Will you be filling your smartphone with some Bill Angel goodness? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Words: Samantha Loveridge

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