Build a stronger booty in just eight minutes with this easy bodyweight workout

Improve your posture, balance and perform better

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When a big, strong booty is one of your goals, compound exercises like squats and hip thrusts, using some form of weight, like an Olympic barbell or pair of dumbbells are popular go-tos. But even if you don’t have access to any weights at all it’s still possible to grow your glutes. This workout helps you do just that using nothing but your bodyweight. Better still, it doesn’t even take 10 minutes. 

Although it's women who often focus on the glutes the most, it's something men should also give their time and focus too. Our glutes are the largest single muscle group in our body and the stronger they are the better our balance and posture will be, which can transfer over into performing other exercises well, like heavy deadlifts and squats. Well-developed glutes can also reduce the likelihood of injury, especially in the back, hips and knees.

For this workout you need to grab yourself an exercise mat and have a decent pair of workout shoes on, as you are going to need to move about for this one, but it's only eight minutes remember! Each exercise will be performed for 15 reps (on both sides where applicable) and you're going to (try your best to not rest in between). Once you've completed one round, then you can rest for 20 seconds, before repeating the workout two more times. Here it is:

  • Pulse squats
  • Glute bridge
  • Squat into a backwards lunge
  • Standing side leg raises
  • Jump squats
  • Donkey kicks
  • Clams

Once these exercises start to get too easy, try slowing down your reps (try lowering for three seconds, holding for one, then coming back up for one), or you could add in more. If doing either still feels too easy, then you know it's time to introduce some weight into the equation so your body's muscles encounter more resistance to make them work harder and grow. This doesn't have to be free weights though, you could use a rucksack filled with items, or even try a weighted vest or a resistance band.

Want more glute workouts? Here's an even speedier five-move bodyweight booty workout for when you're tight for time, or you could try this single glute strengthening exercise that uses an everyday household item.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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