Need fibre broadband? Don't miss BT's current super fast deal with an £80 bonus

The usually expensive BT is offering an absolute bargain on its best fibre broadband deals.

BT broadband deals Superfast Fibre 1
(Image credit: BT)

BT isn't exactly the internet supplier most acquainted with affordability, often competing with Virgin and Sky to land one of the higher prices. But right now BT is reversing that, putting out an absolute bargain price on its broadband deals.

Go for BT's Fibre 1 plan and you'll pay £27.99 - one of the lowest prices BT has offered on this plan - while scoring speeds averaging 50Mb. While that is already a pretty strong offer from BT, it does get better.

When you sign up, BT will also throw in a FREE £80 Mastercard, effectively bringing the cost you're paying all the way down to £24.65. That puts this at a similar price to other fibre broadband deals that tend to offer slower speeds than BT.

While you could also go for BT's Fibre 2 plan with speeds averaging 67Mb, this will cost you an increased £31.99 a month. It does also come with an £100 Mastercard but we feel the Fibre 1 offer is the best value.

You can find out more about these two BT fibre broadband deals below:

BT Fibre 1 | 50 Mbps guaranteed speeds | £9.99 setup | £28.99 p/m | 24 month contract | £80 Mastercard | Available now
Even before you consider that awesome £80 Mastercard that BT is throwing in, this is an exceptional offer. It costs just £28.99 a month and rewards you with speeds averaging 50Mb. Take into account the added value of the Mastercard and you're effectively paying just £24.65.View Deal

BT Fibre 2 | 67 Mbps guaranteed speeds | £9.99 setup | £31.99 p/m | 24 month contract | £100 Mastercard | Available now
Need something ever so slightly faster? This plan will bump the bills up to £31.99 a month but also increase your average speeds to 67Mb. On top of that, BT sweetens the deal even further by upping the Mastercard value to £100 - not bad, right?!View Deal

You can see how this BT broadband deal compares to the best in the market below. Our broadband comparison engine pulls in the very best deals from all of the UK's suppliers, and then lets you filter and sort them as you desire — perfect for narrowing down the right broadband upgrade.