Brompton adds more gears to its folding bikes so you can commute easier

New 12-speed options added to the company's T Line, Electric P Line, P Line, and Electric C Line product models.

Brompton adds 12-speed version to four of its lines
(Image credit: Brompton)

Brompton's bicycles are immensely popular among commuters thanks to their foldable design that fits right into train luggage compartments. Portability is one thing, but once you start climbing inclines, you realise that standard Bromptons with their four gears aren't cut out for the job that well. The new 12-speed range is, though!

Adding extra gears and derailleurs often makes bikes bulky, which would almost defeat the purpose of Bromptons. We love these bikes for their compact frame – which isn't at all compromised by the new setup, the company claims.

Featuring a 3-speed hub and a 4-speed derailleur, Brompton's 12-speed gear system is an "expertly engineered solution" that gives the rider more gears and more range while still fitting into the compact two-wheeled solution it's famed for.

The study 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub multiplies the gear choice to 12, offering more speeds from inside a weather-sealed hub. The range is extended by using a hub gear – the hub being the centre part of the rear wheel – where all the workings are out of harm's way, hidden inside the hard-wearing hub shell.

You'll also find the ultra-compact, lightweight 4-speed derailleur at the rear, initially designed for the ultralight titanium T Line and weighing a mere sixty grams. It's much smaller than standard derailleurs, making it less susceptible to damage.

The new 12-speed option is available in Bromton's T Line, Electric P Line, P Line, and Electric C Line product models. It's available globally at Brompton, in Brompton Junction stores, and at Brompton Accredited Retailers. For more info on e-bikes, check out T3's best electric bike guide.

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