Boulies' new gaming chair is tougher than a tank

Designed for gamers with bigger frames, this is one seriously tough gaming throne

Boulies Elite Max gaming chair
(Image credit: Boulies)

Boulies make some of the best gaming chairs around – its Master Series currently sits proudly among our perfect picks for places to park your posterior. And now it has a new, even tougher model that can cope with pretty much anything.

The new Boulies Elite Max gaming chair has been built specifically for those of us with larger frames, and it's been designed with a reshaped ergonomic backrest, a flatter seat and a reinforced skeleton that make it more comfortable and hard-wearing for tall or big gamers. 

You've got to love a manufacturer who says their goal was to make sure you weren't "feeling like a canned sardine".

Who is the Boulies Elite Max chair actually for?

The Boulies Elite Max is recommended for people from 182 to 200cm tall (5'11 to 6'7") and has a maximum recommended weight of 180kg (23 stone and 5lbs). That's quite significantly bigger and heavier than the standard Elite models, which are recommended for people 170-192cm and a maximum weight of 110kg. It's clearly been built to last.

Longevity is important in gaming chairs, because good ones are quite an investment: while Boulies is currently running a summer sale, the discounted prices for the Elite Max start at £339 / $399. That might sound like a lot for a chair, but when you consider how many hours you'll spend on it – especially compared to the hours you spend on significantly more expensive furniture such as sofas – it's not a huge sum of money.

I'm a bit of an evangelist for good quality chairs: after a succession of back injuries some years ago I ended up unable to walk and barely able to work while I waited months for surgery. Pretty much the first thing I did when I was recovering was invest in a properly sized, good quality, seriously ergonomic chair and I genuinely think it was the best money I've ever spent on office or computer kit. 

If you're a serious gamer, you deserve a serious throne – and if like me you're built big, this Boulies chair looks like it could be just the thing.

Carrie Marshall

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