This concept from BMW will get you excited for the future

Happy 100th Birthday Bimmer!

BMW is 100 years old. To celebrate it's giving us a glimpse into the NEXT 100 years. Lucky us!

The Vision Next 100 is based on four principals:

1) Alive Geometry

The car will make use of revolutionary materials which have the ability to shapeshift. The triangular pattern on the exterior of the car respond to the driver, reacting to their surroundings to create a more dynamic driving experience.

2) Autonomous...but only when the driver wants

A large proportion of BMW customers enjoy driving, but that won't stop the march towards fully autonomous driving. The Vision Next 100 has the best of both worlds, with a self-driving mode when you're feeling lazy, but a 'Boost' mode when you want to enjoy a twisty B-road.

3) The Companion

The car has a 'Companion', which is the car's artificial intelligence programme that learns from the driver. Eventually, BMW believes the companion will know the driver so well that it will automatically perform routine tasks or offer advice without being asked.

4) Renewable materials

The car is made of recycled and renewable materials. No leather or wood, just new innovative materials.

This has got us very excited for the future, how about you? Let us know in the comments on Facebook