The best running headphones deals for Cyber Monday on Beats, Jaybird and Jabra

The best running headphones you can buy with a combined £200 off in Amazon true wireless workout buds deals splurge

best running headphones deals for Cyber Monday
(Image credit: Beats by Dr. Dre)

If you're looking for the best Cyber Monday running headphones deals, of the true wireless variety, prepare to grasp for your wallet. The THREE best running and workout earbuds you can buy are on sale in the Amazon sale. The best Cyber Monday deals have never looked more bumped, ripped, buffed and healthy.

So, what are these killer Black Friday fitness deals? First up there's the lowest price ever, ever, ever (at Amazon) on Beats Powerbeats Pro. Then there's £90 off Jabra Elite Active 75t – also their lowest ever price on Amazon. Bringing up the rear for a brave bronze medal position, Jaybird Vista is the trail runner's choice and you can get. 26% off RRP right now. 

Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats Pro was £220, now £149 at Amazon
Yep, you can save £71 on what are still probably the best running headphones around. With their great sound quality, earthquake-proof fit and long battery life, Powerbeats Pro are the ultimate gym companion but they also sound good enough for everyday music listening.

Jabra Elite Active 75t was £180, now £89 at Amazon
Even more comfortable than the Vista and considerably more compact than the Powerbeats Pro, these stunning true wireless buds are an absolute steal with £91 off. The secret here is a high-tech coating on the true wireless buds, which helps keep them in place during even the sweatiest physical jerks. Sound quality and battery life also impress.

Jaybird Vista was £159.99, now £118.87 at Amazon
If you want something more hardcore, Vista are IPX7 rated, which makes them virtually water and sweatproof for any activity short of scuba diving. The fit is 'locked in' but unlike a lot of heavily ruggedised earbuds, Vista also sound very good. The £61 Black Friday saving ices the cake. Follow the link and you'll also find a smaller discount on Vista 2, which are even better, but the original Vista won't let you down.

Powerbeats Pro vs Jaybird Vista vs Jabra Elite Active 75t: which should you buy?

All three of these deserve a place on our list of the best running headphones, but which should you buy?

If you want the best sound quality from a pair of true wireless headphones designed for running and gym, opt for Powerbeats Pro. Rather than blasting you with bass, these offer a much more high quality musical experience. Due to their spectacle-style ear hooks, these Beats also fit better than any other true wireless bud. They are basically impossible to shake from your ears, as Beats proved by giving a pair to Simone Biles in their promotional video, and getting her to pile through some high octane twirling. The only down side to these buds is that while their increased size doesn't add excessive weight, it does mean they need a rather substantial battery case. The are also only rated IPX4. This hasn't caused me any problems in the two years I've been using them but it means the Powerbeats probably wouldn't stand up well to being dropped in a deep puddle.

Jaybird Vista, by contrast, are rated IPX7 which means you could attempt to drown them in your bath and they would survive for half an hour. Although they're not a musical virtuoso like Powerbeats, the Vista buds do sound pretty great when it comes to running soundtracks. The fit is very secure, so the likelihood of them falling out and into a puddle is quite slight anyway but the advanced waterproofing does give additional peace of mind – especially if you sweat buckets.

Finally, Jabra Elite Active 75t should be your go-to buds if you want extreme compactness and comfort. These tiny buds go deep into your ear without any cyborg-style protrusions and serve up sound isolation and active noise cancelling. If you need to be able to hear what's going on around you, don't worry, as hear-through can be activated with a prod of your left earpiece. At under £100 these superb true wireless sports buds have never been cheaper. 

The best Cyber Monday running headphones deals worldwide

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