Birthday sale: Koala knocks 15% off all mattresses and bedroom products

Sleep easy and save with this great offer from Australia’s favourite sleep expert

(Image credit: Koala)

Koala is officially five years old and to celebrate, the favoured bedmaker is having a massive birthday sale, slashing 15% off on all mattresses and bedroom products. 

Chances are you might’ve heard of Koala’s exquisite mattresses, but what you may not know is that they also offer a wide range of bedroom furniture that is simplistic yet elegant – a minimalist's dream.

On offer, Koala has a beautiful timber bed base that’s strong and remarkably simple to assemble; sets of all-season, eucalyptus fibre bed linen and a specially designed memory foam pillow – perfect complements to your new or existing Koala mattress. 

The discount also includes Koala's 120-day risk-free trial so you'll sleep easy knowing you have around four months to make up your mind. 

So whether you’re just in the market for a few things or the whole kit and kaboodle, Koala’s got you covered. Head on down to Koala’s online store before August 30 (11:59pm AEST) to secure your 15% discount.

Koala Birthday Sale

Koala Birthday Sale

Normally, presents are given to the one celebrating another year of their existence but Koala is mixing things up by giving you 15% off all mattresses and bedroom products. This deal is only around until August 30 (11:59pm AEST) so get in quick if you’re in need of a new and refreshing bedroom set. Oh, and Happy Birthday Koala!