beyerdynamic VERIO 200 are so comfy you might forget you're wearing them

The new open-ear headphones are durable, comfortable, and perfect for dodging unexpected office chitchat

beyerdynamic VERIO 200
(Image credit: beyerdynamic)

In a world where the best headphones need to do everything except make your coffee, beyerdynamic has just dropped a bombshell on the open-ear earphones market with their new VERIO 200.

Celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the audio wizard company, the VERIO 200 boasts a 16.22mm custom-designed graphene neodymium driver, which sounds fancy because it is.

The driver is said to deliver pristine sound and thumping bass, all while keeping your tunes private and your surroundings audible.

It’s no wonder beyerdynamic is pulling out all the stops: heavyweights like the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds and Shokz OpenFit are already strutting their stuff in the open-ear ring. What makes VERIO 200 the new contender to beat?

For one, beyerdynamic’s new app allows you to play sound engineer, customising your acoustic profile with a 5-band equaliser and tweaking onboard controls to suit your every whim.

Designed for those who like their comfort with a side of style, the VERIO 200 sports an ergonomic open-ear hook design that promises to stay put, no matter how vigorously you headbang exercise.

Plus, with an IP54 rating, these headphones laugh in the face of sweat and splashes, making them your trusty companion for any activity and are a worthy addition to any running headphones roundup, including T3's.

And with an impressive 35 hours of total battery life (8 hours in the buds, 27 more in the case), you'll be long done before they are. A 10-minute charge gives you a whole hour of listening.

VERIO 200 also brings two high-quality integrated microphones enhanced with aptX Voice technology to the table, ensuring your voice sounds crystal clear, whether you're calling grandma or recording your next viral podcast episode.

Coupled with advanced ambient noise detection and filtering, your communication game is about to level up.

The beyerdynamic VERIO 200 comes in three colours, black, cream and sport, and is priced at a cool $219.99. Available now at beyerdynamic and select third-party retailers.

Matt Kollat
Section Editor | Active

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