Best Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter deals for February 2023

Check out the latest deals on the Pro version of the UK’s most popular electric scooter

best Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter deals
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The M365 Pro by Xiaomi is the upgraded version of the UK’s most popular electric scooter. 

Just like the regular M365, the Pro has a top speed of 15mph. But a bigger battery increases its range from 18.5 miles to a whopping 27 miles.

With an eight-hour charge time, that means you could commute 13 miles to the office, charge up during the day, and then ride all the way home again.

Thanks to a more powerful 300W motor (up from 250W in the regular M365), the Pro model is better at climbing hills, quicker off the line, and more capable of carrying riders over 80kg. Another small change is how the deck is 5cm longer and slightly wider, giving the rider more space to stand on.

All models of the Xiaomi M365 Pro come with a black chassis and frame with red detailing, but the handlebar column can be ordered in black, mint green, silver, or with a carbon fibre effect.

A key feature of the Pro is its LED display, which sits on top of the handlebars and shows your speed, battery life, and which riding mode you have selected.

The Pro model weighs slightly more than the regular M365, at 14.2kg compared to 12.5kg, but that increase shouldn't be enough to put you off. This is still a compact, lightweight and foldable electric scooter that won’t take up too much space in your home, or on the train.

Just like the regular model, the Pro comes with pneumatic 8.5-inch tyres, with a disc brake on the rear and KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) on the front, helping you slow down while feeding energy back into the battery.

The scooter is also safe to use at night thanks to lights on the front and rear, and it is designed to carry riders weighing up to 100kg.

Check out the best Xiaomi M365 Pro deals below:

It's worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro has now been replaced by the aptly named Mi M365 Pro 2. You can find the best Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro deals below:

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