Best Star Wars Lego sets 2020: from small gifts to huge collectibles

Celebrate Star Wars Lego's 20th anniversary with mind-blowing sets from the first movies right up to today

Best Star Wars Lego 2019

The collaboration between Lego and Star Wars celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, which means we're seeing some of the best Lego Star Wars sets ever, both new and old, available right now. 

The Star Wars models are easily among the best Lego sets you can buy (and there are regularly great Lego deals to be found on them too – you'll find today's lowest prices below). 

You can choose between everything from hyper-detailed recreations of iconic ships that are proper projectors to build, to small gift-sized sets that make great playsets for kids. There are classic ships and scenes, as well as the best stuff from newer movies, including Lego Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker sets.

Our list of the best Lego Star Wars sets below includes options at all prices, ranging from under £20 to hundred of pounds. We'll be updating regularly, to include all the top new sets you'll want to know about – and we'll be noting whether any get nice Amazon Prime Day deals when that time comes.

Like all Lego sets, a huge part of the fun is in the building. With something like our number one set, the huge Millenium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Series model, putting it together is great project you can take your time over, unwinding for a while every evening while working towards a nice tidy goal. But there are plenty of other sets here that can suck you in without being quite as costly (or with such a large end result).

Those kind of sets are made for adults as much as kids, but obviously there are loads of options that are smaller and easier for kids to put together, and that are focused around actually playing with the Lego, rather than displaying it. But whichever of those you're planning to do with your sets, here are the ones you should buy:

Best Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon

1. Lego Millenium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series - 75192

Obviously the best Star Wars Lego set ever – just look at it!

Pieces: 7,541
Reasons to buy
+Astonishing levels of detail+Amazing display piece+Even includes the interior

This beast is like building a monument to your Star Wars love – one that’s a full 33 inches long when built. It includes the most pieces of any set Lego’s ever made, making it ridiculously detailed inside and out – not only is every weird quirk on the Falcon’s exterior lovingly recreated, but you can open sections to reveal the cockpit, seating area (complete with holo-chess table) and more inside. It comes with extra parts so you can make it resemble the original-series design, or update for the new films – and it comes with a great range of minifigures for both eras, too.

Best Lego Star Wars Death Star Escape

2. Lego Death Star Escape - 75229

The best Lego Star Wars gift set

Pieces: 329
Reasons to buy
+Classic, recognisable scene+Nice set of minifigs

One of the scenes that cemented Star Wars’ place as belonging more in the old-school adventure school than sci-fi was Luke and Leia’s need to swing in a swashbuckling manner over one of the many inexplicable pits in the middle of the Empire’s most significant base. This small set lets you recreate the scene, though it’s flexible: you can fold the whole thing shut to have them escape over a bridge, or open it up and give the Luke and Leia minifigs a gap to swing over, while a Stormtrooper aims four feet to the left.

(Image credit: Lego Group)

3. Lego X-Wing Starfighter - 75218

No Lego Star Wars list would be complete without one!

Reasons to buy
+Moving wings+Great look+Double set of pilots

Lego will always have a great version of the X-Wing available, and this is a damn fine set – it’s fun to build, looks really close to the real version, has lever-operated wings that open and close for attacking, it shoots lasers and torpedoes (well, Lego versions of them), and you can have either Luke and R2 pilot it, or Luke’s ill-fated pal Biggs Darklighter (and his droid R2-Q2).

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

4. Lego Tantive IV - 75244

If this is a Lego Ambassador’s ship, where is the Lego Ambassador?

Reasons to buy
+Big beautiful iconic ship+Lots of nice little details

This big (24 inches long) build takes Leia’s ship from the start of the first Star Wars (and the end of Rogue One) and gives it an impressive brick version. Not only do you get a really great recreation of the design, but it’s got some nice extra touches, including sections that open to reveal command centres and a conference room, but also detachable escape pods, perfect for the included C-3PO and R2-D2 figures. You also get the ship’s captain, a Rebel trooper, Bail Organa, and Leia. Cleverly, the radar dish on top functions as a sturdy carrying handle for moving it about.

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

5. Lego Porg - 75230

Your new Lego pet

Reasons to buy
+Life-size, detailed version+Moving mouth and wings+Really quite adorable

Standing seven inches tall when built (making it life-size) and coming with a special display plaque (like the Ultimate Collector Series sets, though this isn’t technically part of that line), this is… well, it’s a Porg. Its wings and mouth move when you press the tail, it has big cute eyes, and it looks super cool if you like fictional cliff… birds? They’re probably birds. It's a lot of fun to build, and makes us smile every time we see it, and you can't ask for more than that.

6. Lego Death Star - 75159

A fully armed and operational epic display set

Reasons to buy
+A dozen different scenes from the movies+A huge, fun project to build+Play with it or pose it

What could be a more epic build than the Death Star? This set fits a mind-blowing amount of movie magic into the spherical frame of everyone’s favourite not-moon. You’ll build Lego versions of so many scenes, include 3PO and R2 hiding, the main laser controls, the detention level, the trash compactor, Obi-Wan deactivating the tractor beam, Luke and Leia’s swing to safety, the conference room, Palpatine's throne room, a hanger that launches Vader’s TIE Advanced, a cargo area, a droid maintenance area, plus an assorted of laser towers. You get a whopping 23 mini figures, too, ranging from heroes to villains to droids. It’s a hell of a thing.

7. Lego Snoke's Throne Room - 75216

We see your mind. We see your every intent (to buy this set)

Reasons to buy
+Very cool mini version of the architecture+Great figures for posing the fight

The Last Jedi’s coolest fight goes miniature. This small set recreates the look of the Supreme Leader’s lair, complete with rotating door, floating throne, and dramatic sweeping pillars. Most importantly, it comes with Rey, Kylo Ren, Snoke and a pair of Elite Guards, all with appropriate weaponry. There’s even a moving floor, so Snoke can force-pull Rey towards him. And it’s handy that Lego’s minifigs split at the waist, isn’t it?

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

8. Lego Y-Wing Ultimate Collector Series - 75181

A favourite ship gets a super-detailed version

Reasons to buy
+Amazing display piece+Incredible levels of detail+To scale with minifigure

Sitting proudly on a tilting display stand, this Y-Wing is fantastically well-detailed, and makes a perfect display item for Star Wars fans (and at a fraction of the cost of the Millennium Falcon). It’s built to scale with its Gold Leader mining (and R2-BHD droid), and has an ion turret on top you can rotate with a wheel. Like other Ultimate Collector Series sets, it comes with a special display plaque. 

9. Lego Darth Vader Transformation - 75183

Arise, tiny plastic Lord Vader

Reasons to buy
+Very cool set of minifigs+Small but evocative set

As many missteps as Revenge of the Sith made, the moments where Anakin is saved and turned into Darth Vader is pretty damn cool. This set recreates it, with both a figure for a burned Anakin, and for a polished Darth Vader, along with medical droids and the Emperor. Brilliantly, it has a contraption to slide Vader’s helmet on as the final piece, mirroring the film, before raising him upright.

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

10. Lego Betrayal at Cloud City - 75222

Give building this beautiful diorama set a Bespin

Reasons to buy
+Lots of scenes Empire in one+Loads of minifigs+Two great vehicles too

A spiritual partner to the Death Star set, this is part diorama, part playset, and all hugely impressive. You’ll build a series of rooms/scenes from the latter half of The Empire Strikes Back, all in a shape that copies the domed structure of Cloud City itself. Some are subtle touches, such as Han’s torture chamber and the rooms where Leia and Chewie are held. Some are bigger and more iconic, such as the Carbonite freezing chamber and the walkway where Vader reveals family truths to Luke. You also get mid-size versions of Slave I, plus a twin-pod Cloud Car vehicle. The Carbonite chamber is especially pleasing: pull a lever and the Han mini figure drops down, with a brick version of his Carbonite block popping up in its place. It’s a lot of fun to build, and everyone who sees the results loves to pore over it. Minifigs include Han, Vader, Luke, Leia in her Cloud City robes, Chewie, Boba Fett, IG-88 and more.

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

11. Lego Imperial TIE Fighter - 75211

Take your vehicle collection over to the dark side

Reasons to buy
+Impressive results+Opening cockpit for pilot

You can’t have a Star Wars list without a TIE Fighter on it! This one stands nine inches tall, and feels a lot more authentic than its price might suggest. The roof and front window open up so you can fit the Imperial Pilot figure in there, though it also comes with Han Solo and Tobias Beckett in Empire garb.

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

12. Lego Yoda's Hut - 75208

A gift-sized set for Empire Strikes Back lovers

Reasons to buy
+Faithful version of the hut+A bit of a playset, too

If you want something cool-looking to display, this is a great choice: you get Luke and Yoda with it, of course, and the build of Yoda’s hut includes a detailed inside that really evokes the film. But it also has a box for Luke to raise with the force (using a clear brick, of course), a platform for making big force jumps (i.e. flinging your Luke figure in the air), and even a place for swinging over the swamp landscape.

Best Lego Star Wars 2019

13. Lego X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run - 75235

The best Lego Star Wars set for a kids’ gift

Reasons to buy
+A tiny playset for ages 4++But still looks pretty nice+Shoots laser discs

Kids can play their own assault on the Death Star using this simple-to-build but great-looking set. An X-Wing with movable wings takes on a laser turret that fires green discs, and has parts that can be knocked away in ‘explosions’. It also comes with Stormtrooper, Luke and R2-D2 figures.

14. Lego Anakin’s Podracer - 75258

Now THIS is Lego podracing

Reasons to buy
+Nice design with a clear stand+Comes with bonus special Luke figure

Podracing was one of the coolest elements of The Phantom Menace, and this special 20th Anniversary set brings that to life. Anakin’s podracer sits on a stand made of clear pieces, so you get the effect of it hovering, and comes with a little child Anakin figure, one of Padmé Amidala, and an extra figure of Luke Skywalker with a special 20th Anniversary display stand.