Samsung S23 Ultra cases: 5 ideal options to protect your flagship Galaxy

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is a superb phone, so don't leave it exposed

Mous Limitless 5.0 case
(Image credit: Mous)

When it comes to the best phones on the planet right now, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has to be in the conversation: it's super-speedy, it's made of high-end materials, it looks sleek and elegant, and of course it has that gorgeous 6.8-inch screen to look at too. Oh, and it comes with an S Pen too, if you needed another reason to love it.

In fact, we'd say it's well worth its starting price of  £1249 / $1199 / AU$1949: that's a lot of money, but you get a lot back in return (and it's probably a little cheaper right now, in advance of the Galaxy S24 launch in January 2024). If you're spending that much cash though, you want your handset to be well protected from harm – that's where the best Samsung 23 Ultra cases can help, and we've picked out a premium selection here.

We've tried to cover as wide a range as possible here in terms of price points, materials, and styles, so there should be something for everyone, even though we've limited ourselves to just five best-of-best picks. We'd recommend taking advantage of the protection offered by one of these Samsung S23 Ultra cases as soon as you possibly can.

Spigen Optik Armor:

Spigen Optik Armor: £20.99 at Amazon

The name says it all about this particular case, which gives you a whole lot of protection at a very reasonable price point. There's even a shutter window here to protect the rear camera, and that works alongside the air cushion technology at the corners, and the thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate materials that keep your device safe. You've got two colours to pick from, but either option works as a great protective case.

Tongate Ultra Case:

Tongate Ultra Case: £27.99 at Amazon

This Tongate case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with just about every feature you could want: a sliding cover for the camera, a built-in protector for the screen, an integrated clip on the back, a foldable stand for propping the phone up, and military-grade shockproof protection as well. If you needed any more reason to put this on your shortlist of cases, it's available in a choice of five different colours for you to choose between.

Punkcase Ultra:

Punkcase Ultra: £34.99 at Amazon

You can trust Punkcase to keep your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra well protected, without ruining the aesthetics of your flagship smartphone: it keeps everything safe from water, dirt, dust, sand, snow and more, while also maintaining access to the ports and slots, and ensuring the screen and camera work as normal. There are no fewer than nine different colour options to choose from here, including a clear option that we rather like.

OtterBox Defender:

OtterBox Defender: £42.99 at Amazon

If you really want to make sure your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes to no harm, then the OtterBox Defender case is an excellent way to go about it: the rugged, chunky protection meets military standards for strength, and there are raised edges to keep the camera protected. You can still wirelessly charge your phone though, and there's also a handy clip on the back of the case, plus an integrated kickstand feature.

Caseology Parallax Case:

Caseology Parallax Case: £16.99 at Amazon

You might not think there's much you can do in terms of design when it comes to phone cases, but the Caseology Parallax Case begs to differ: the 'hexacube' design on the back really stands out in terms of its visual aesthetic, and you've got green, black, and burgundy colours to pick from. The textures on the case mean you can get a firm drop on it, but if it does slip, the phone is protected against drops from up to 1.2 metres (or 4 feet).

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