Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 deals for February 2023

Get the best deal on Samsung’s newest smartwatch

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 deals
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If you’re in the market for a smartwatch and the Apple Watch just doesn’t do it for you –  or you’re an Android user – then Samsung offers some great alternatives, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. 

The top-notch wearable from Samsung is the all-new Galaxy Watch5, but the Watch3 is still a good option for those looking for a cheap smartwatch deal. This smartwatch is available in two case sizes, 41mm and 45mm, to ensure it’ll suit the wrists of almost everyone.

There are two colour options for each size; the 41mm is offered in Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver, while the 45mm version swaps the former for Mystic Black, with a matching leather strap.

Connectivity is another variable to consider when buying the Galaxy Watch3, as it can be bought with Bluetooth, or with the addition of 4G, giving it an internet connection and the ability to make and receive calls on its own.

Setting the Samsung apart from its rivals is the rotating bezel, which clicks satisfying as you turn it to scroll through content on the Tizen operating system. It’s a nice alternative to swiping at the display (although that is still possible), and gives a nod to traditional wristwatch design.

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Also erring on the side of tradition is the Galaxy Watch3’s removable straps, which use industry-standard lug bars (20mm or 22mm depending on the case size), making it easy to swap out the strap for any other, including those you might already own.

The Watch3 is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 9110 processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, which you’ll likely mostly use for music. The circular Super AMOLED display has a 1.2-inch diameter and a resolution of 360 x 360.

The battery is a 247 mAh cell that Samsung says will last between 43 and 120 hours, depending on how the watch is being used.

On the back, you’ll find an optical heart rate monitor for sleep and exercise tracking, and there’s NFC for contactless payments. Watch resistance is IP68, which means it’s safe to swim with, and there is GPS for accurately tracking your outdoor running while leaving your phone at home.

Check out the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 deals below:

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