Best Picture winner and one of the best Westerns ever made leaves Netflix soon

Giddy up for a cinematic masterpiece

No Country for old men
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Some of the biggest movies of all time missed out on Best Picture wins at the Oscars. It takes a rare feat of cinematic perfection to win such a hallowed award, and one such winner is leaving Netflix, you need to make time to watch it before it rides off into the sunset. 

No Country for Old Men is a special picture from the legendary Coen brothers (Fargo, The Big Lebowski and many more), but you only have until the 1st of January to catch it. 

Based on Cormac McCarthy's book of the same name, this movie stars a terrific triumvirate of Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin. You won't however see them riding around on horses and drinking Saspirilla. This is a neo-western, set in the year 1980, but still undoubtedly a Western.

Our three leads are a hitman, a sheriff and an ordinary hunter, three different walks of life, but each is brought together by one thing. Money. When that hunter (Brolin) stumbles upon some ill-gotten gains, he starts all kinds of trouble for those on both sides of the law.  

Javier Bardem in particular is spellbinding as the brutal Anton Chigurh, a trained killer who lets a coin toss decide the fate of his victims. The level of violence surrounding him and Brolin's Moss is quick to escalate, and a far cry from the glamorous stand-offs of the West's golden age. 

The Coen brothers always bring a unique cinematic language to the table, and that too is present here. You'll find some pitch-black humour, a lot of style and also a lot of violence. 

If you've already seen No Country for Old Men, or missed the 1st of January date, don't worry, there's plenty of great stuff on Netflix and the best streaming services. We're keeping track with our streaming guide

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