Netflix to add 2023 Bradley Cooper biopic with 90% on Rotten Tomatoes next week

The sound of sweet music

(Image credit: Netflix)

Is there anything that Bradley Cooper can't do? Not only is he a fantastic actor, brilliant singer (proven by A Star is Born) and an established writer/director. Plus he looks like Bradley Cooper! It's not fair.

Cooper's latest directorial feature is Maestro, a biopic of legendary composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein. There have been questions asked about Cooper's prosthetic nose but as a film, Bernstein is an unbdoubted hit. Boasting a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a Best Picture nomination at the upcoming Golden Globes. As a Netflix distributed movie, it was only in theatres in November and is now arriving on the platform on the 20th of December, a pretty impressive turnaround.

Bradley Cooper isn't the only big name associated with the project either. There's a veritable orchestra of talent in front of and behind the camera. Carey Mulligan plays Bernstein's wife Felicia Montealegre while Maya Hawke and Sarah Silverman also feature. On producing duties too are a pair cinematic juggernauts, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese. 

The movie recounts an extraordinary life story of a deeply human genius. Bernstein is responsible for the music in some of the most iconic musicals in history such as West Side Story but he had his own struggles. It reminds me of his character Jack Maine in A Star is Born. 

Primarily focusing on Bernstein's relationship and marriage to Montealegre, we see Bernstein (and Montealegre) strugging with highs and lows. He conducts orchestras on the biggest stages and falls in love while also battling with both his sexuality and substance abuse. 

This is the latest in a host of 2023 Netflix distributed movies that have made their way from theaters to streaming in double-quick time, and they have all pretty much been excellent. Earlier this month another movie that travelled the same route starring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore hit the platform, and it's a must watch. 

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