Bang & Olufsen unveils the new BeoPlay H7 wireless cans

Twenty-hour battery life, passive noise-cancelling and super-comfy, vegan-bothering lambskin ear-cushions.

Bang & Olufsen, beloved vendor of luxury audio, has just lifted the lid on its latest range of wireless headphones, the BeoPlay H7.

Sitting in between the impressive BeoPlay H6 wired headphones and the top-end wireless BeoPlay H8, the new headphones combine the comfort of the wired set with the freedom of the wireless ones.

With a twenty hour battery life, and built-in power-saving tech, the stylish BeoPlay H7s also offer a replaceable battery too as an optional extra. For if you're flying to Australia, for example.

Unlike the high-end H8 though the BeoPlay H7s are using passive rather than active noise-cancelling. With the over-ear cups, memory foam and super-soft lambskin covering though the passive experience should be pretty good, and is also why these wireless cans have a longer battery life than their more expensive H8 siblings.


In terms of that wireless connection we're talking the standard Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX support of CD-quality wire-free audio streaming and all the phone-related controls that comes with.

There's an omni-directional mic built into the slick aluminium design and there's a touch-sensitive surface on one of the ear-cups which will let you answer calls - even wearing gloves.

It gets mighty cold in B&O's native Scandinavia…

Not ones for the vegans these, but those lambskin ear cushions sure do look comfy, and B&O has made a real effort to nail the mixture of materials and sound quality for the high-end H7.

“Every component of the BeoPlay H7 is carefully considered in terms of function, materials and detailing,” explained designer Jakob Wagner. “The luxurious materials and high end sound quality are combined in perfect synergy to form an unbeatable listening experience.”

And B&O claims those components will only get better with age too - 'the more you use it, the more personality it gets.'

Well, we'll soon see as the BeoPlay H7 headphones have gone on sale today for £329 and will shortly be in the T3 labs.