Labor Day TV deals: up to $500 off LG A1 and C1 Series 4K Smart TVs

Big discounts on some of LG's top OLED displays arrive at Best Buy

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With Best Buy's Labor Day sale officially underway, shoppers hoping to find a cheap OLED TV on sale are in luck with Best Buy rolling out some great deals this month. Along with a great deal on a gaming TV from Sony, there's a good selection of LG OLED TVs getting some very enticing discounts.

 shoppers can save upwards of $500 on select LG A1 Series and C1 Series displays for a limited time. While discounts vary depending on the model and size you go with, each display is getting a sizeable price cut that may just give you the push you needed to upgrade that old display.

Considered as some of the best OLED TVs on the market, LG's A1 and C1 Series already sport a pretty fair price tag. The offers below, however, push these incredible OLED TVs into the must-see category for anyone looking to grab a new OLED TV on sale cheap.

LG C1 OLED TV deals at Best Buy

LG C1 Series 48" OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (OLED48C1PUB)
Now: $1,299.99 | Was: $1,499.99 | Savings: $200 (15%)
LG's 48 inch C1 OLED display gets the lowest discount of the bunch, offering $200 off for a limited time. While we'd recommend bumping up to the 55" display if you can, this TV is an excellent display for anyone in need of a new OLED display cheap.View Deal

LG C1 Series 55" OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (OLED55C1PUB)
Now: $1,499.99 | Was: $1,799.99 | Savings: $300 (20%)
The most popular size of LG's C1 Series OLED TV gets a modest 20% off alongside it's partners. The best value for the buck, the 55" display is our recommendation for those looking to get the most out of their dollar from a new OLED TV on sale.View Deal

LG C1 Series 65" OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (OLED65C1PUB)
Now: $2,099.99 | Was: $2,499.99 | Savings: $400 (16%)
Taking a page from the A1 Series, the C1 line up offers the same incredible picture quality and specs as the A! with a bit more to sweeten the deal. An excellent gaming TV thanks to the addition of HDMI 2.1 ports makes this OLED TV a hit for the latest consoles.View Deal

LG C1 Series 85" OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (OLED65C1PUB)
Now: $5,499.99 | Was: $5,999.99 | Savings: $500 (9%)
If you've got the green to spring for the 85" display, you can save a respectable $500 for a limited time at Best Buy, While the savings here are sizeable, it's the least of the bunch in terms of value and may not be worth it to some.View Deal

LG A1 OLED TV deals at Best Buy

LG A1 Series 55" OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (OLED55A1PUA)
Now: $1,299.99 | Was: $1,599.99 | Savings: $300 (23%)
Offering an impressive OLED display for the price, the 55" display drops down to just $1,299.99 during Best Buy's sale. Comparable to the C1 Series, the A1 line up offers a great viewing experience but nixes some additional features like HDMI 2.1. This won't affect non-gamers, however, so if you just need a solid OLED TV for watching your favorite shows or movies you can save a little more with this option.View Deal

LG A1 Series 65" OLED UHD 4K Smart TV (OLED65A1PUA)
Now: $1,799.99 | Was: $2,199.99 | Savings: $400 (22%)
If you jump up to the 65" A1 display, you can save a little bit more in the process. However, the savings between the 55" an 65" are minor and the better value easily falls on the prior. Spring for the 65" display if you can, but you'll get a better value out of the slightly smaller model.View Deal

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