Back to school deals: Grab a Nintendo Switch at Currys while stocks last!

Nintendo's Switch is the perfect back to school gift, especially if you missed out during lockdown

Nintendo Switch Deals Animal Crossing Currys
(Image credit: Nintendo )

If you're heading back to school, college, or university next month, why not make life a bit more fun by getting a Nintendo Switch, the much-hyped console that everyone wanted to get their hands on during lockdown. The rush meant that stocks quickly ran out, but Nintendo has been hard at work and retailers in the UK are now re-stocked, at least for now...

The Switch is basically the perfect console: fun, rewarding, with just the right amount of challenge. If you want to spend hours shooting zombies or decimating civilians, this isn't the console for you. However, it is the console for spending hours collecting items (Animal Crossing), racing in whacky landscapes (Mario Kart), battling other people (Pokémon), and so much more.

In our Nintendo Switch review, we found this was basically as good as it gets for the more casual gamers amongst us, with a unique experience that blends serious gaming with lighthearted fun in a way that no other console we've used does (at least not one from Nintendo). The design is stylish and feels premium, it's quite cheap, and the games are amazing.

If you haven't got it by now, we absolutely love the Switch and highly recommend it either as your only console or as a accompaniment to others. Animal Crossing by day, Call of Duty by night, we say. Casual gaming is definitely the way forward.

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red & Blue) | 32GB | 720p | Docking Station | Up to 9 hours battery | £279 | Available from Currys
This is the basic Switch without any games in the attractive Red & Blue colour scheme (it's also available in grey). You can play it in hand-held mode or docked on the TV, making it perfect for solo or communal gaming.

Nintendo Switch (Neon) | Animal Crossing Bundle | 32GB | 720p | Docking Station | Up to 9 hours battery | £319 | Available from Currys
Behold, the console and game that everyone wanted to get their hands on many weeks ago is now back in stock, without costing you the earth on eBay. Hurry, though, it's still a mighty popular bundle. 

Nintendo Switch (Neon) | Mario Kart Bundle | 32GB | 720p | Docking Station | Up to 9 hours battery | £319 | Available from Currys
Fancy something a bit exhilarating? Mario Kart is the perfect game for Switch, especially as the two control pads can be detached and used like Wii remotes. It's a lot of fun for the whole family.

Nintendo Switch (Neon) | Legend of Zelda Bundle | 32GB | 720p | Docking Station | Up to 9 hours battery | £324 | Available from Currys
You might be sensing a theme now: same deal as the other Switches, except this one comes bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which you should definitely, definitely want.

If the past is anything to go by, these Switches will likely sell out quite quickly and so haste might be the order of the day, especially if there's another strict lockdown later in 2020. 

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