Avatar: The Way of Water is one of the best things on Disney+, but Avatar 3 has been delayed

We won't be returning to Pandora anytime soon

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Avatar: The Way of Water is a great movie streaming on Disney Plus but fans of the franchise might be feeling a little blue today. That's because it's been announced that the third movie in the franchise has been delayed. 

Avatar 3 (title TBA) was originally scheduled to hit screens in late 2024 but now producer John Landau has confirmed on Twitter that we won't be getting another adventure on Pandora until 2025 (and likely December at that). While this gives us plenty of time to catch up on the best of Disney Plus shows (and with the other best streaming services) it is hard to take for fans of the series. 

This delay will also have an impact on the subsequent movies planned for Jake Sully, Neyteri and their family. The fourth film in the series is now slated for 2029, with the fifth now scheduled for a 2031 release, who knows how the world (and streaming landscape) will look by then? If this proves correct then that would give the Avatar series a 21-year run, pretty impressive. 

While disappointing it is obviously better to delay a movie than release a second-rate or unfinished product. Both Avatar movies are among the three highest-grossing releases of all time so there are millions who will want the story to continue in the right way. Considering the leading CGI techniques that the series has so far innovated, it's understandable why they take a significant time to make. If it does release in 2031, Avatar 5 could make even the best movies of today look like a doodle by comparison. 

If you absolutely can't get enough of the Avatar universe then you will at least be pleased to know that Ubisoft is working on an official game. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be launching on December 7th 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. 

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