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Australian T3 May June 2024
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Get your serve of Australian T3’s annual Hot 100 issue – you won’t find a more delicious techy treat. The team has (you guessed it) one hundred techy gadgets and gear that they’ve all had some personal experience of, or know more than a little something about. From cheap treats to ultra-expensive audio and TV delights, it’s all here. So feast up on the good stuff 2024 is bringing, you won’t want to miss some of these!

Elsewhere we’ve decided it’s a good time to look at portable projectors. Why not set up a special backyard theatre for a big family and friends movie night? You can do that with incredible ease thanks to these compact yet powerful projectors.

T3 is also jumping in with a proper AI article – one that tells you how this dark magic can be used in your real-world life. Very useful! Get onboard with the revolution, humans.

Plus, reviews of all the hottest new products. All in the May / June issue of Australian T3!

Grab yours from your newsagent today!

Ben Mansill
Australian T3 editor

Ben's been a tech editor since 1994, so he understands with some well-accumulated perspective just what makes gear good. Ben has launched a few magazines in his time, including the legendary PC PowerPlay and Atomic mags. As well as being the Australian T3 editor, Ben also puts together an issue of APC magazine every month. It's the second longest-running PC mag in the world. Fact. He's a PC gamer and sim racing enthusiast and hasn't owned a console since the Sega Megadrive.